I'm a standard nerd.

I love video games, tabletop games, roleplaying games, web development, and esoterica.

More seriously, though...

My Ethos

I believe in ethical programming.

  • Open source
  • Customer advocating
  • Security and performance

I believe in personal development.

  • Always learning
  • Keeping up with trends and adapting new technologies as they gain relevance
  • Leaving each project having implemented something new so skills are always increasing

My goal in work is to make something that's important, makes a difference, and I feel good about working on.

I strive to be fun to work with, constructive in all feedback, and someone you want to have in a team.

My (Preferred) Tech Stack

React front end

Rails back end

I have a special place in my heart for anything Ruby as I learned on Python first. For front end, I'm very open to using different and new frameworks, and React is where my experience is.